Thursday, April 23, 2009

Monsters vs Aliens

I'm going to get away from my structured, four paragraph review a little bit with this one, and maybe with other movies for which I do not have a lot to say. This movie is very enjoyable, funny, and perfect for kids. I didn't get to see it with him, but my four-year-old son loved it, and it was fun recapping some of his favorite parts on the phone with him. Monsters vs Aliens is full of cute, lovable characters and empowering themes of independence as well as friendship and teamwork. Reese Witherspoon does great voice work as the main character Susan, and the entire cast is spot on for the most part, including some hilarious bits from Seth Rogen, voicing a character essentially made of Jell-O, with no brain (not a real stretch for him I feel... Just kidding!).

While not as groundbreaking as a Pixar film typically is, the visuals are quite good. The 3D work was a bit gimmicky, as expected considering its target audience, but still very well done. I do not necessarily like the fact that almost every animated film coming out now is in 3D, but it did work well in Monsters vs Aliens. If you have kids, or just enjoy lighthearted animated movies, you should check this out for sure.

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