Monday, June 1, 2009

Terminator Salvation

I went into this film with very low expectations based on seeing the negative reviews roll in, as well as listening to several movie podcasts bash it for a few hours. However, this was one of those films that I was looking forward to so much, that I decided I needed to check it out in theaters, you know, for the special effects and the action sequences...

Well, the effects might be the only good/decent part of this film. The rest of it was a mess, from the terrible writing and storytelling, to the bad acting, to the over-seriousness of the plot, which it seems we've seen before. It just doesn't work. Christian Bale, who I believe is a very talented actor, is overacting terribly, and the one potentially interesting aspect of the plot, involving Sam Worthington's character, is neither a surprise nor executed with any level of skill. Frankly, after seeing this film, I never want to watch another film directed by McG (what a stupid name).

I don't feel like writing about this movie anymore. See it at your own peril (and feel free to offer a rebuttal in the form of a comment on my blog, so everyone can see it).

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