Thursday, May 31, 2012

Take This Waltz

Possible Spoilers

Sarah Polley's second directorial effort is an exploration of the inherently human lack of contentment and commitment in one's circumstances, the insatiable desire for something better with no hope of happiness, and pure unbridled selfishness. Michelle Wiliams' character, Margo, is about 28 years old, but acts like a child the entire movie. Whether its her infantile sweet talk with her husband (played truthfully by Seth Rogan), or the utterly reckless lack of responsibility she displays by teasing herself and the guy who lives across the street by constantly putting herself in compromising situations. I appreciate the performances and the general artistry of the camera. I did not, however, appreciate the general hopelessness of the story and where it led. I suppose I could glean from the ending that Margo learned her lesson: that indeed, new exciting things too grow old and lose their luster. But the last frame only shows her wistfully twirling on the carnival ride, alone; content to wallowing in her self-inflicted misery and melancholy. Even though Polley's first film, Away from Her, was a tragic story about Alzheimer's, and how a husband copes with losing his wife, I think Take This Waltz was just as depressing.

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